Sticking with PLAN A: Music Producer

Sticking with PLAN A: Music Producer

Plan A. Plan B. Plan C. We all have goals, dreams and back-up plans. Some of us have all of the above. Some of us have none of the above. One thing we all have as human beings are desires. Things we want to do and things we want to have. Life is about improving and enjoying.
When do we reach that ultimate place of peace where we can say to ourselves “I am 100% satisfied with life”, or “I’ve reached all of my goals, I am content now.”. The answer is NEVER. So the real question is “Well, If I know i’ll never reach that place, what do I do?”.
Life is about the journey. It always has been, and it always will be.
For the last 13 or so years of my life, I’ve called myself a “Music Producer”. Not because I quit my day job a long time ago and decided to take up a career in “music production”, but because one day I realized that all I wanted to do in life was create music, period. That medium of music just so happened to be Hip-Hop beats. Why? Because I was, and am still, obsessed with listening to & creating them.
From that point on, I’ve created somewhat of a habit for myself. To always do things that I truly want to do. I can honestly say (and with full gratitude), that almost everyday, for the last 14 years, I’ve only done things I really wanted to do, with nothing and nobody stopping me.
The idea of “doing” is powerful. The idea of “doing-with-intention” is even more powerful. The intention behind most (if not all) of my life decisions is happiness. I make music because it makes me happy. I keep certain people around me, because I’m happy when I’m with them. I started “Blap On The Radio” because the idea of it & the action of doing it every week, makes me happy. I started B.L.A.P. Producer Showcases because it makes me happy. I create “blap-kits” because it’s not only fun to put together, but awesome to know that it’s helping producers around the world become inspired, and that idea makes me happy.
You get the point.
I’ve been making choices for myself & doing only things that make me happy, every single day, for roughly 13 years, straight. And I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.
Have I enjoyed this journey so far? Absolutely. Because of that, I’m going to continue to feel happy & make decisions that will impact myself & my surroundings in a positive way.
I believe that one of the keys to success is to train yourself to always do things that make you happy. If traveling around the world makes you happy, do it. If going to the flee market every Saturday brings you joy, do that, every Saturday. If making beats makes you happy, do it as much as you possibly can. Opportunities manifest when you are in a state of happiness & enjoyment. The people that need to & should be in your life, will continue to come around. Trust me. I’ve been living it.
I just so happen to be a person who is obsessed & passionate enough about the art of creating music, that it’s all I want to do in life. After 13 years under my belt doing it, I think i’ve gotten pretty good at it, and I’m only going to get better because I learn something new everyday.
The point I’m trying to make is this: follow your heart and do things that make you truly happy. There is no “end-goal”. There is only the journey. I’m forever grateful for this life that I have, but I do believe that it started on that day I decided to pursue happiness, and nothing else.
Today is the first day, of the rest of your life. - !llmind
!llmind is currently organizing a "Blap-Kit Workshop" tour where he goes from city to city, spending an entire day with aspiring music producers to help them reach their goals. To find out more, go HERE.
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